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Undo any bumper scuffs

Along with all of our repair services, our bumper scuffs repair service is something we take pride in. Our aim at Autofix Direct, is to ensure your vehicle leaves our hands in a condition which is as good as new.

• Colour matching

• Texture matching

• No replacement needed

• Scuffs, scratches, dents and cracks all treated

• Friendly and helpful advice for the future

• Guaranteed service

How we can get your bumper back in shape

Similarly to any damage, bumper scuffs can not only cause the appearance of your vehicle to suffer, but also affect its value. Our skilled professionals provide you with a bumper scuff repair service that eliminates the need for a replacement. Make sure you choose us to remove your bumper scruffs in the Leeds area.

The deeper meaning of scuffs

Don't let your car's appearance suffer for a single day:

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Metal Panel Damage

• Will lead to corrosion if left unrepaired


• Dents can be removed, filled and repainted to avoid replacement


• Adjacent Panels blended to provide perfect colour match if necessary

large dent in the left-hand rear end of a grey vehicle