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The perfect finishing touch for your vehicle

At Autofix Direct, we are privileged to offer you a vast range of services. Our skilled professionals are not only limited to paintwork and bumper scuff repairs, we also offer a premium alloy wheel service.

•  Removes all scuffs and kerbed marks

•  Treatment to prevent further damage

•  Advice on weather and other factors

•  Guaranteed service

Our alloy wheel services leave you ready to take to the road again

If your car came with alloy wheels or you had them added, you will want them to stay in pristine condition. A car with alloy wheels gains a heightened appreciation on the road for its appearance. Once they become scratched or worn however, this can have a reverse effect. Of course this can happen naturally on the road, which is why we can provide you with quality alloy wheel refurbishments.

Stylish alloy wheel refurbishments

Add the style back into your alloys by making one phone call:

07725 651 005

0113 278 4880